– Linda, Chehalis

“Having an all wood house in the trees makes it mandatory to use pest control!  Antman has been doing the job for close to seventeen years.  No pests – No problems – Always cheerful and cooperative to go the extra mile.  You are appreciated!”

– Karen, Rochester

“I used to be fighting carpenter ants all the time….and SPIDERS were all over in the house and toolshed. Since signing up for the quarterly service a couple years ago, no more issues!  The Antman rules!”

 – Carolyn and Patrick, Toledo

“We have used the Antman’s services since early 2009.  He is always timely, personable, knowledgeable, and just plain nice!  Highly recommend him!”

– Candy, Tenino

 “Rick and Kinda are great!  We have no worries ~ we are on a scheduled plan.  He comes on a regular basis and we don’t have any ants!  them!”

– Mike and Libby, Mossyrock

“Highly recommend the Antman.  He solved our ant, spider, and rodent problems.  We greatly appreciate his efficient and courteous service.”

– Betty, Salkum

 “Antman Pest Control definitely has the best service ever! 🙂  Rick took care of our ant and spider problem immediately.  He services 2 of our family homes on 10 acres without us calling him.  When we have a concern, he makes suggestions to help us.  Antman Pest Control is effective, saves us time, dog friendly, and keeps the ants, spiders, and mice away.”

– Janet, Centralia

“I am very pleased with Antman.  Very honest, always on time.  You can depend on him.  He gets the job done!”

– Randy and Vanessa,  Rochester

“We have used Antman for the last 5-6 years. We live on the Chehalis River so there are critters, but we have had no problem w/ critters or bugs since hiring them. We are very pleased with their service and price.”

– Judy, Centralia

“Thank you, Antman, for defending my house from those armies of sugar ants which keep trying to invade my space.”

– Ira, Ethel

“I’ve been using Antman’s service for well over a year and have had tremendous success with his services.  I called one day with a bad wasp invasion, and he showed up and took care of that.  And now he sprays every qtr. for bees ants spiders and now there is not any problem with anything.”

– Peggy, Onalaska

“I have been using the services of Antman Pest Control since moving to the Centralia area in 2002.  The services provided have been not only extremely professional and successful in ridding pests from my properties, but friendly and courteous, not to mention prompt.  I highly recommend Antman Pest Control for all your “pest removal needs.”

– Ron, Rochester

 “We started using Antman Pest Control nearly a decade ago in Winlock.  When we moved to Rochester, Antman’s services came with us.  Rick has done a great job for us eliminating the bugs and mice from our country home.  Thanks Rick!”

– Marty, Lacey

“We’ve been a customer for many years, now.  Quite simply, we had a frustrating and persistant mouse problem for years.  The property backs up to a large city park, so we, along with our neighbors, thought we had to live with it forever.  But, since Antman has been taking care of us, no more mice, at all.”

– Antless in Centralia

“Great service for many years!”